Rappel des examens pour les assistants d'orthopédie

-Examen oral des assistants de dernière année : 8 juin 2019 : instructions sur le site du collégium . 

-Examen européen intérim : 9 avril 2019 : voici les instructions données par Nanni ALLINGTON :

  • Exam this year is on April 9 2019.  The date is fixed by Europe ...it can not be changed !
  • For the ones interested...you can either contact me : nanni.allington@chrcitadelle.b
  • I will organize a session in Liège....There is a session organized by Dr Zorman (ULB) and probably also by Dr Cornu (UCL)...or try to convince your hospital or program director to do so also and contact me for the details...There will also be a session this year by Pr Schuind (ULB) 
  • Or direct from their website : http://www.ebotexam.org/
  • On April 14 2015 for the first time Belgium did participate to this exam. It was held at the CHR Citadelle and a total of eight residents participated on a voluntary basis. Residents from UCL, ULG and ULB.
  • The exam is still for "free" ( sponsored by UEMS : European union of medical specialists ) and I hope that more will participate. Any resident from year 3,4,5 or 6 may participate . This is not mandatory but will give you a good idea of where you stand. You can compare yourself to other residents of the same year in Belgium but also Europe.
  • The exam is divided in five big subgroups : Spine, Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, Paediatrics and Basic Sciences.
  • It is a multiple choice exam about all of orthopaedics .
  • There is no syllabus for the time being  but some do suggest the "Miller", some others the "Oxford online"..
  • There is also the exam preparation course given every year during the EFORT meeting
  • The important point is anyway to read...
  • Residents are compared to residents of same level
  • It is computer based ...but as soon as you leave the exam to go on other places on the internet...it stops !
  • You know your results at the end of the exam

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