17th Belgian Surgical Weekjeudi 19 mai 2016 - samedi 21 mai 2016SORBCOT
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Pr J. Lerut, President of the Royal Belgian Society of Surgery, invites our society members to the 17th Surgical Week, from May 19 tot May 21, 2016,  in the Square Congress Centre, at 200 m from the Central Station in Brussels. Subject : Cross Fertilization between Surgery and Transplantation Surgery.


Agenda National

  • /index.php/agenda/event/407-26eme-colloque-gerimoc26ème colloque GERIMOC (02-10-2021)
  • /index.php/agenda/event/397-8ieme-symposium-d-ingenierie-tissulaire8ième symposium d’ingéniérie tissulaire (12-11-2021)
  • /index.php/agenda/event/396-congres-orthopaedica-belgica-2eme-partieCongrès Orthopaedica Belgica (2ème partie) (27-11-2021)
  • /index.php/agenda/event/408-34eme-colloque-du-sport-et-de-l-appareil-locomoteur34ème colloque du Sport et de l’Appareil Locomoteur (27-11-2021)

Agenda international

  • /index.php/agenda/event/371-36th-world-congress-of-sport-medicine36th World Congress of Sport Medicine (23-09-2021)
  • /index.php/agenda/event/404-1st-athens-foot-and-ankle-arthroscopy-symposium1st Athens Foot and Ankle Arthroscopy Symposium (25-09-2021)
  • /index.php/agenda/event/401-egssa-1er-congres-annuel-2021EGSSA 1ER Congrès annuel 2021 (30-09-2021)