Combined meeting BAPO and WKOvendredi 9 mars 2018INTERNAtional


Combined meeting BAPO (Belgian Association of Pediatric Orthopaedics) - WKO (Werkgroep Kinder Orthopedie)


9 March 2018 in Amserdam


Topic : traumatology and sport medicine



Combined meeting Werkgroep Kinderorthopedie en BAPO

Paediatric trauma and sports injuries


Locatie OLVG-oost Amsterdam

Adres: Oosterpark 9 
1091 AC Amsterdam



9.30    Coffee and Entrance

10.00  dr. P. Struijs; talus lesions 
10.30  A. Michielsen; paediatric FT: sports participation in children with reduction defect and using a prosthesis

11.00 Coffee

11.30 drs. D. Kempink; registration in NL fractures in children pediatric surgeons and traumatologists  
12.00 dr. A. Zeegers; SPOQ registration paediatric orthopaedics the Netherlands with knee specialists and rehabilitation doctors

12.15  dr. A. Weir; CAM lesions and pubic apophysitis

13.00 lunch

14.00 dr. F. Chotel; Anterior cruciate ligament injuries and other knee trauma

15.00 Free papers

17.00 Closing remarks

17.15 Drinks and Bitterballen

18.00 Diner





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