Congrès Orthopaedica Belgica (2ème partie)samedi 27 novembre 2021SORBCOT


On 27 November, an in-person congress finally, representatives of our various specialized committees as well as foreign speakers, will share with us the current evidence in the management of pathologies that are certainly common for specialists in the subject, but for which practitioners. specialists in other fields may no longer have completely up-to-date knowledge! How many times have yesterday’s truths become today’s heresies … and vice versa! Certainly we will all come out of this day with up-to-date knowledge and with a superb bound volume in which we can go back in time to the beginnings of our 100-year-old Company, practically to the day!

Accreditation will be requested, including for ethics points!

We are look forward to meeting you online soon.

Best regards,

Everard Munting (Sorbcot President) & Jan Noyez (BVOT President)


Agenda National

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Agenda international

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